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Finding Love, Psychic Love Readings

It is perhaps not surprising that one of the most popular reasons clients call True Psychic is for guidance regarding their romantic relationships. So we thought it might be helpful to explore this area in more detail, hopefully providing you with the information you need to seek the right reader for you to help with your love life problems.

Finding Love Readings

Have I or will I meet my Soul Mate?

The term Soul Mate has now made it in to the main stream and people often use the phrase to describe their perfect relationship and sometimes people are searching for a partner that they believe will be the perfect match for them (in other words their Soul Mate). Over time many definitions for Soul Mate have occurred but two popular theories are that in a remote time a breakage occurred leaving the soul imperfect and destined to search for its other half or that a Soul Mate is someone who has spent many lives and developed a strong affinity and that like for like Soul Mates gravitate towards each other in order to find fulfilment.

Soul Mates are regarding as a partnership where both people are totally in tune with each other, loving each other unconditionally and finding separation unbearable. It is perhaps this level of pressure on creating the perfect union that can create a relationship to break down or never get off the ground completely and so sometimes creating such a high level of expectation is unhelpful in building a truly lasting but realistic relationship.

Dee Rendall, Pin: 1011would be a great choice in regards to having a Soul Mate reading: Dee is a confident and gifted reader, with over 32 years of reading experience; he is both kind and considerate whilst providing strong guidance especially with love and relationship issues including Soul Mates. She is an expert in Soul and Soul Mate connections which often explain why we are drawn to another person.

Love Heart

Have I or will I meet the one?

Sometimes when you meet a person for the first time you can have such a strong connection that it can make you wonder if you have met the person you are going to settle down with. Sometimes this is called love at first sight but in some cases lust at first sight might be a more accurate description! It maybe that you are able to communicate easily with this person – talking for hours at a time is no problem, you feel like you have loads in common with them and it can feel as if you have known each other all of your lives even if you have only known them for a very brief time. Many people will contact us at this point to clarify whether this is the right person for them, intuition or just common sense prevails and you start asking yourself have you known them for long enough, do you truly know them…are they really showing their true colours?

If this sounds like you then you may like to have a reading with Anthony, Bryony or Wanda they are all great at sorting out when relationships are truly genuine and are worth investing in for the future:

Anne Marie, Pin: 4498 When I give a reading my strategy is to use every tool that I have. I throw the cards, read the clients energy and tune into their Spirit Guides. I specialise in romantic relationships. My goal is always to bring you the truths that you are seeking. I will always tell you the truth, gently with love and respect for you as a spiritual being.

Cathryn, Pin: 3619 Relationships, whether it be the potential man in your life, family, colleagues or friends are always complicated. I will guide you through these complications and show you how to resolve them. Do not allow fate and destiny to punish you in life by not being able to take charge of your own life journey. Relationships are often blocked or unresolved; many people are not able to deal with this kind of situation as they don’t understand the energy of what is going on. My guide will tune into that energy to give clarity and accuracy about what is going on and show you the way forward. We will guide you through your life journey and help you make the right decision to bring peace and harmony into your life.

If you want to know if your intuition is correct regarding your relationship or perhaps you want to know if your partner is going to propose or whether you should stay in the relationship and more…Then give one of the above readers a call, phone 0906 957 0576 for a phone call paid via your phone bill or
0800 092 3034 for a credit card call (see full terms & conditions before calling). We also have other readers that might suit your situation you can read all about them here.

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