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Many a parent has learned that a temper tantrum-throwing child is best left alone and ignored sometimes. It's not easy to do. A battle of wills commences, with each seeing who will succumb first. Both parties are also aware of how a particular precedent can be set. Where you and someone else are experiencing a 'battle of wills', perhaps it's worth considering how important it really is to be adopting such a rigid stance. You can do much to relieve tension that exists now.


We know how focusing on smaller issues sometimes is often more productive and reassuring than focusing on bigger ones. We see a connection between the two and how bigger issues can be made smaller by addressing the root cause of them. You could be inclined now to dwell on a certain bigger issue but, in the same way it is the base of Jenga games that need the most attention, you can achieve a very desired result by focusing on the cause and not symptom.


Aim at nothing and, well, you're guaranteed to hit it. What might be causing you to feel reluctant now to take action where you know, in your heart, action needs to be taken? As appealing as the path of least resistance might appear and how 'playing safe' offers a comforting level of predictability, you know a change is needed in a certain area of your world. Doing nothing is becoming less of an option. So do something, even if it is a small gesture in the right direction.


When we discover ourselves to be in a rut of some kind, we wonder how or why we allowed it to happen. We ask ourselves if it was the result of us being afraid to venture into unexplored territory or invite change we weren't sure we would welcome should it appear. So we settle for what's familiar, even if it's far from ideal. It's becoming increasingly clear that complacency can no longer play a part in a certain area of your world. Don't fear the result taking action will bring.


If we want respect, then we must earn it. Of course, we know everyone's owed basic levels of respect, but can't simply assume people will be more respectful unless we give them reason to. If you're feeling as if you're owed more in your world, then it's not a case of reminding people of this fact. People have short memories, after all. You've a chance now to offer demonstrable proof why certain individuals should be giving you a more respect than you're receiving.


We encourage others to speak their minds to us. We prefer to know what they're thinking, especially if their thoughts concern us. Yet, we sometimes don't like when people do speak their minds openly and honestly and tell us something we'd prefer not to hear, regardless of how well intended it is. So, can it be said there are limits to how much we want people to be honest with us? A conversation between you and someone else might be difficult but at least it will be truthful.

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